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Older People Want and Enjoy It Too

The two articles published by the BBC this week (see below) are a good reminder of yet another dialogue we are not having, sex in the latter years of life.

Let's remember that we have the potential to be sexual until the end of our days. Needs change with age and we can do more to educate people to healthily enjoy their partnerships and sexual activities, no matter the age.

I presented on this very topic back in Aug 2016 at a conference called Priming Yourself For Positive Ageing (You can watch my presentation here).

Older people are also sexual beings and deserve the time and opportunities to exercise this side of their being.

Research suggests that currently over 50% of over-65s are sexually active, and it also suggests that at least for women, sexual satisfaction considerably increases with age.

BBC Articles:

"Majority of over-65s would like more sex, survey finds" -

"Sex is better when you're 80" -

I work with clients of all ages, covering a wide range of questions. If you know someone who may benefit from talking to a professional about their life, marital or sexual questions, please have them book a FREE introductory session below.

Alternatively, you can explore more of my work and approach by reviewing more of my articles.

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