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Intensive Therapy

An intensive psychotherapy programme refers to a specialised and comprehensive treatment approach designed to address deep-seated emotional, psychological, or behavioural issues. It typically involves an extended and concentrated period of therapy that goes beyond the standard hourly sessions.

  • Duration: We presently provide a one-day programme for individuals and a two-day programme for couples.

  • Immersion: Our programmes are meticulously designed and concentrated to ensure optimal advancement.

  • Therapeutic Modalities: Our programmes harmoniously blend conventional psychotherapy techniques with experiential practices, creating a genuine and captivating experience.

  • Location: Our Individual and Couple intensives can be conducted either in person or online. For in-person programmes, we have the flexibility to travel to any location worldwide.

  • Integration: Our programmes are thoughtfully crafted to equip you with practical life skills, including ongoing support recommendations, enabling seamless integration into your daily life.


Our intensive programmes are for you if you...

  • Seek greater progress in therapy

  • Strive for accelerated growth

  • Aspire to a purposeful life

  • Long for a fulfilling, intimate relationship

  • Desire a satisfying sex life

  • Restore balance to your overall health

  • Consider a career or business change

  • Yearn for meaningful friendships

  • Feel lost or empty despite having everything you imagined

Boat on Lake

"Embrace the profound impact of months' worth of therapy condensed into a transformative and deeply profound experience of change."



An intensive program offers greater benefits compared to traditional hourly therapy by delivering...

Deeper exploration

Immediate support

Accelerated progress

Enhanced skills building

Immersive experience

Customised treatment


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  • What should I expect during an intensive programme?


During our intensive programmes, you can expect extended therapy sessions that are more immersive and focused compared to traditional therapy. Our programmes are structured and experiential. You will have dedicated time to explore and address your concerns, emotions, and goals in a concentrated manner. The program may include a combination of individual or couples therapy, experiential exercises, skill-building activities, and personalised treatment planning to meet your specific needs.

  • How long does an intensive program typically last?


We currently offer a 1-day individual programme and a 2-day couple programme. We are aiming to launch a 1-week group programme in the next year.

Sessions for the Individual and Couple programme start at 9am and end at 4:30pm, including short morning and afternoon breaks, as well as one-hour lunch. 

  • What modalities are used in intensive programmes?


Our intensive programmes typically incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities based on individual needs. These may include evidence-based approaches such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based techniques, trauma-focused therapy, experiential therapies, and others. Our programmes also include experiential exercises, like role-plays, breathing and light movement, aimed at building the appropriate skills necessary to your needs. The specific modalities utilised will depend on the therapeutic orientation of the program and the expertise of the therapists involved.

  • Is there anything to prepare before the intensive programme?


Prior to the intensive programme, you will receive a set of assessments. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of your needs, goals, and any specific preparations that may be necessary. Depending on the programme, you may be asked to complete intake forms, provide relevant medical or psychological history, and discuss any specific concerns or expectations you have for the programme.

  • How much does an intensive psychotherapy program cost?


Intensive programs are personalized, exclusive interventions that provide you with the undivided focus and attention of a dedicated therapist. They are designed to cater specifically to your needs, ensuring that each session is meticulously prepared and conducted with utmost care.


Individual Intensive - SGD 5,400 *

Couple Intensive - SGD 10,800 *

* Price applicable to sessions conducted online or at our office. For clients requesting our services at their preferred location worldwide, it is necessary for them to bear the costs associated with our travel, accommodation, and living expenses during the duration of our stay.

  • Can I continue with regular therapy after completing an intensive?


Yes, it is often possible to continue regular therapy after completing an intensive programme. The intensive programme is designed to provide a concentrated therapeutic experience and facilitate significant progress in a shorter period. Upon completion, many individuals transition to regular therapy, either with the same therapist or a different one, to continue their ongoing therapeutic journey, maintain progress, and address any further goals or challenges. The decision to continue regular therapy will depend on your individual needs and preferences, and can be discussed with your therapist to determine the most suitable plan moving forward.

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