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Couples Intensive Therapy

Enjoy the benefits of 3 months of couples therapy in 2 days.

Couples Intensive Therapy
Couples Intensive Therapy

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Strengthen Your Relationships and Nurture Lasting Connection

Welcome to Our 2-Day Intensive Psychology Sessions

Are you longing to enhance the quality of your relationships? Do you find yourself facing communication challenges, conflicts, or a sense of disconnect with your partner? We invite you to join our exclusive 2-Day Intensive Psychology Sessions focused on relationship healing and growth.

What to Expect

Our 2-Day Intensive Psychology Sessions are designed to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can address relationship issues and foster lasting connection. Led by a team of experienced psychologists specializing in couples and relationship dynamics, we offer a comprehensive approach to address the unique challenges that arise in intimate partnerships.

Relationship-Centric Approach

We understand that relationships require special attention and care. Our sessions are centered around relationships, ensuring that your concerns and goals as a couple are effectively addressed. Our psychologists bring their expertise in couples therapy to create an environment where you can explore and strengthen the unique dynamics of your relationship.

Personalized Attention

Each participant receives individualized attention and support throughout the sessions. We recognize that every relationship is unique, and our psychologists work closely with you to understand your specific concerns and goals. This personalized approach ensures that your needs are addressed effectively, creating a tailored experience for your relationship's growth.

Enhanced Communication and Conflict Resolution

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Our sessions provide you with effective communication techniques and conflict resolution strategies. You will learn to foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration, enabling you to navigate conflicts and communicate more effectively with your partner. Practice these skills in a supportive environment and witness the positive impact on your relationship.

Deeper Emotional Connection

Discover pathways to cultivate a deeper emotional connection with your partner. Through guided exercises and expert guidance, you will explore vulnerability, intimacy, and the essential elements that contribute to a strong and meaningful bond. Strengthening the emotional connection in your relationship can lead to increased trust, intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction.

Strengthened Relationship Foundation

Our 2-Day Intensive allows for a comprehensive exploration of the underlying issues impacting your relationship. By addressing these issues directly and developing practical tools, you can create a solid foundation for long-term relationship health and growth. Invest in your relationship's future and build a strong and resilient partnership.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to your relationship's success beyond the intensive sessions. Our support doesn't end after two days. We provide ongoing resources, guidance, and assistance to help you sustain the positive changes and continue nurturing your relationship in the long run. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Take the Next Step

Invest in your relationship and create a lasting connection. Join our 2-Day Intensive Psychology Sessions and embark on a transformative journey of relationship healing and growth. Spaces for this exclusive program are limited, so take action today. Secure your place in this empowering experience by visiting our website or contacting our dedicated team.

Investing in your relationship is an investment in your own happiness and fulfillment. Together, let's build a love that grows stronger with time.


  • Couple Intensive Therapy

    This couples programme will give you 12 hours of dedicated therapy with your partner and Dr Oberdan. The ticket includes:




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