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We All Have Wings To Fly, Break Them Loose

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I recently heard this sentence, "Be light as a swift, not as a feather".

It's simplicity struck me for the images and meaning it elicited in my mind.

In my corporate life and now as a counsellor I have spoken to many people who feel like a falling feather or a floating leaf, inexorably moving towards a fate they often did not choose.

Remember, we were all born with wings.

We might have forgotten we have a pair.

We might have forgotten how to use them.

We might have been told that it is forbidden to use them.

We might believe that if we use them we are hurting our loved ones.

There are many reasons not to fly, some good, some bad, but when we go about life never flapping them, we suffer.

Be gracious like a swift in flight, use your wings to give direction to your life. Take rest when necessary and stop flapping, but always remember they are your decisions.

Thank you for reading my article.

I base all my articles on real case studies and research findings that are relevant to my clients.

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