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Can you press the pause button on life?

Press the pause button on your life

Some of the messages in this video resonate so strongly that it is difficult to stick with it and watch the whole 5 minutes.

Do you have the courage to watch it all?

These messages play squarely in the addiction debate.

It's painful to recognise that at some level I am a slave of the tools I surround myself with. Sometime it is difficult to put the phone down. Sometime I even catch myself in the midst of a pointless browsing session, and I still have to consciously tell myself to get up and do something else.

One of the speakers in the video says, "because there is a biology to these things, that are as addictive as alcohol, nicotine and gambling". Really??? Are they???

Have you ever paused and wandered what statements like that mean?

Have you ever noticed how selective we are in attaching such adjective to various situations? For example, most people would say that drugs are addictive; most people would say that alcohol is addictive, and most people would say that gambling is addictive. We talk a lot about each of these, so it is fair to assume so.

Now, would you say that reading is addictive? What about work? What about love? What about eating? And daydreaming?

The point is that EVERYTHING can be addictive, not because everything has intrinsic characteristics that make it addictive, but because we are desperate to escape the solitude, the pain, the fears and the insecurities we experience within.

We make most things addictive because we don't have the courage to face the perceived negative aspects of ourselves and we'd rather take the easy route to numbness.

My reflection for us today is this...


and bring genuine, curious focus to those parts inside us we are shying away from.

Thank you for reading my article.

I base all my articles on real case studies and research findings that are relevant to my clients.

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