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1. What is a Sexologist?

A sexologist is a specialist who has studied sex from a multidisciplinary perspective; these may include physiology, anthropology, medicine and more. In clinical settings a sexologist focuses on people's sexual desires, fantasies and behaviours, and their management towards a balanced and fulfilling life.


2. What type of clients do you work with?

I work with adults of all ages and from all walks of life. I have experience working with generic psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety or obsessions, as well specific relationship and sexual ones, such as vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, parenting or divorce. I welcome individuals and couples of all sexual orientations or preferences.


3. Why should I work with you?

There are many occasions in life when questions come up and we realise we don't have a safe way of openly addressing them. It may be that your relations won't understand what you are going through, or maybe you feel it is not safe to share them at this moment as it may impact other aspects of your life. I provide a safe, non-judgmental and professional space where you can bring any type of question that relates to your life, career, relationships or sexuality.


4. What is the difference between a Sexologist and a Psychologist?

A psychologist, unless specialised in a particular field (i.e. forensic, developmental, sport, etc) is a professional focusing on the study of mind and behaviour. This can be coupled with the study and understanding of physiological and neurobiological processes. A sexologist is a specialist who focuses on sex from a multi-disciplinary perspective; these may include: medicine, art, psychology, sociology and others.

I offer a unique combination between the two as a UK-qualified Psychologist and a US-qualified Clinical Sexologist.


5. I want to see results fast; I am not interested in delving into childhood issues. Is that OK?

My practice focuses on change, learning and growth; this means that we would typically focus on our way forward. However, while not a priority of our work together, there may be occasions when it is appropriate to explore events from the past. In any case, you are in control and at any point you can stop a conversation and ask that we explore something different. I will be mindful and respectful of these requests.


6. Is there touch or nudity?

While I recognise the value that bodywork can bring to one's own growth, my practice does not involve any touch or nudity.


7. Are you sessions confidential?

Everything about our sessions, including the fact that you are my client, is confidential. Both, the British Psychological Society and the College Of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (of which I am a member) provide clear guidance on confidentiality, which I subscribe to.


8. Do you work alone?

The human condition is a highly complex one and as such I am in no position to address all presenting issues. In those occasions where I feel it necessary, I will recommend a referral to a professional in my trusted and selected network of specialists. This includes: gynecologists, urologists, general practitioners, psychotherapist, physiotherapists or another coach or consultant, depending on client's needs and scope of work.


9. How do you bring together your corporate and leadership experience with psychology and sexology?

The focus of my work is to help clients reconnect to their unique needs and identity, and guide them to express these in a skillful and impactful way. The knowledge, skills and experiences I have acquired as a psychologist, coach and sexologist are transferable and all complement each other. With this unique mix, I am able to help individuals with questions on a broad spectrum.


10. How long should I work with you before seeing results?

Both concepts of results and duration are case-specific. I have worked with clients for one session only and for many months with others. You may find yourself quickly gaining insights and understanding and feeling satisfied with your 'results'. Equally, you may find that once you achieve one set of 'results' you may wish to continue working together to explore new questions that have emerged.


11. I've decided not to use all the sessions within my bundle, do I get a refund on the unused sessions?

Unused sessions in a bundle are refundable subject to a 20% admin fee of the outstanding amount.

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