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“It’s too late when we die”

“It’s too late when we die”, this amazingly powerful reminder by Mike & The Mechanics seems to be topical to our modern, crazy, unnecessarily busy lives.

Maybe you are the corporate employee who spends 10-12-14 hours at day in the office.

Maybe you are the frustrated partner who wants space and can’t find a way to get it.

Maybe you are the aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for the million-dollar idea to eventually start a business.

Whoever you are, whatever your dream is START NOW!!!!!!

Many of us delay the decisions that we know in our deepest of deeps we want to take. We make excuses…financial ones, familial ones, cultural, religious and physical ones.

Days, weeks, months and sometimes years go by when we eventually look back and realise that we’ve been promising ourselves a shift in gear that never came.

I like the way Pink Floyd summarised it, “Did [we] exchange a walk-on part in a war for a lead role in a cage?”

“It’s too late when we die”

The outcome oriented way we are conditioned to live our lives means we look at happiness as something to be attained.

We’ve also been told that it is utterly difficult to achieve unless we’ve accumulated a wide range of material possessions and status.

Happiness is a state of mind that, like everything in life, is transient. It comes in many forms, none the same as any of the previous ones. It comes in a moment and it goes, replaced by an opportunity to discover a new version of it.

Let’s avoid the fallacy that ‘we’ll only be happy when…the kids leave home, we get the promotion, we find the right partner…’

Happiness starts now, your dream life starts now. It’d be too late when we die.

“You’re not alone”

“When the day is long and the night…is yours alone…if you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on…you’re not alone” (R.E.M.)

As someone very well accustomed to never asking for help, I am deeply grateful when I allow myself to receive it as the gift it is.

Take comfort in your friends, join a support group, make yourself vulnerable to your partner or learn from your children…the options are endless.

For the majority of us who choose to live in the midst of society, we cannot do it alone, whatever it is that we are doing.

You would have noticed the musical references in today’s sharing. Music, movies and other forms of artistic expressions have a way of touching us that we often underestimate, overlook or dismiss.

Listen carefully to the next song that moves you. Watch carefully for the next movie scene that reaches deep. Be curious about the reasons why those paintings, sculptures or technologies feel special to you. In all of these there is a piece of you.

Reach out. Discover it. Connect with it. Get on with living your life.

“It’s too late when we die”.

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