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We are born with infinite potential, rediscover it!

“We are born with our hands full. That’s why as newborn babies we clench our fists. Because we have the best gifts we could ever wish for: innocence, curiosity, a will to live.

But then they bring us up to be God fearing, so we can’t blame ourselves for fearing everything else as well. We grew up with the promise of a secure job, career, success, that’s why we always feel so poor and inadequate.

We run away because they didn’t give us the right weapons to fight back, and when we find our football team doesn’t love us back, that our friendly bank only notices us when we’re in the red, and that the job of our life takes over our whole life, we feel defeated.

We’d have been satisfied with little: like having dreams of our own, created by our ambitions and not in some multinational’s boardroom. Like learning to clench our fists again, like a newborn baby, and hold our lives tightly in our hands.

Now we are just a bunch of normal human beings, who are scared stiff, but we have enough courage to turn the car around. Yet we’re stopped here. Together. But who knows… Our story isn’t over yet. Today… has only just begun.”

This is the excerpt from an Italian movie I saw on the plane back to Italy for this year’s Christmas celebrations.

We are born with the capacity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. But from birth the whole system conspires against us to open the fists and let go of our unique life.

Later in life we feel the void that was left behind and never feel complete, regardless of our incredible achievements. The struggles at work, the relationship issues, the sexuality concerns, they are all symptoms of our living a life that is not ours.

Every day there is an opportunity to fill our fists again and build a new life. We are a bunch of normal human beings, paralysed by the endless choices we create to make sense of this complex charade, but we can definitely turn the car around if so we wish.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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