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The Awakening

If you have been following my articles, you would be more aware of how our childhood and parents can influence the way we are today.

Now that we are more aware of how we are because of our life experiences and how we have been brought up, we have reached the stage of awakening.

As this sense of awakening starts, we will experience a sense of loss and confusion as to who we really are. With this sense of loss, there might be painful side effects such as depression, anxiety, being unable to sleep and eat or even function normally throughout our daily lives.

However, these psychological and physical symptoms are warning signs for us to start looking for our true real self and find our identity back. Who we are as a precious individual and not just a face in the crowd.

The meaning of True Self

True self refers to your inner self where you experience everything. It is how you truly deeply feel, but not how you actually portray to yourself to others, outwardly. According to Fosha (2000), it is the consciousness that speaks the truth at the centre of a person’s being.

We can also see our true self as an extremely accurate mental feedback system that allows us to gauge our optimal energy and functioning. Not forgetting that our biological self experiences sensations and intuition which includes immediate impressions of other people.

Often, we use the ups and downs of our energy as a guidance system to assess if our life path is fitting us well. Discovering our true self is very important because it helps us see things more clearly. We become more focused on the solutions rather than the problems. Things happening around us become more attainable when we attend to our needs and desires.

We will realise that opportunities and people enter our path of life in ways that we never expected.

What does our True Self wants?

Similar to a heathy growing child, our true self wants to be able to express, be recognised and grow. On top of these, our true self will always fight for what we truly need and desire. Our true self will continually fight for acceptance of its guidance and true desires.

As children, it is most important that the adults in our lives support us in discovering and keeping our true self. On the other hand, if we are criticised and shamed, we learn to feel embarrassed by our true desires. And therefore, we start to pretend to be what our parents want in order to win their love. We silence our true self and start to follow the guidance of fantasies and role-selves. This is how we start to lose our true self.

When awakening starts, we tend to start to break down because we feel the pain in role-selves and who we have to be instead of who we are. Sometimes we break down because we have started the awakening process which is not a bad thing at all.


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