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Recognising an Emotionally Immature Parent

By recognising an emotionally immature parent, our goal is not to disrespect or be angry with them but to help you understand, see them objectively and understand deeper why they have their limitations.

By understanding, you will see that their immature and hurtful behaviour is not intentional. Also, by learning this, you will be able to understand yourself better.

First and foremost, signs of emotional immaturity are usually subconscious.

Emotionally immature parents mostly think single-mindedly. They are either rigid or rash, and they usually manage reality by understanding them from their own perspective and once they have done so, they shut out all the other thoughts or opinions.

In their heads, there will only be one answer, and anything else is wrong.

Adding on, emotionally immature parents also have lower stress tolerance. When something happens, before they assess the situation, they use coping mechanisms such as denial, distortion and even replacing reality and they usually responds stereotypically.

Admitting their mistakes is hard therefore blaming others seems easier for them. When they get upset, it takes a lot for them to calm down and they have the expectation that other people is responsible for soothing them and doing what they want.

Another trait that emotionally immature parents have is that they are subjective and not objective. They mostly assess situations based on how they feel rather than what is important at that point of time. They usually focus on what the situation makes them feel rather than what is true. When logics and facts come into play, they will most definitely not take it in.

By understanding these, I hope you will be able to understand yourself better and be less harsh on yourself, as you unlearn behaviours that you have been brought up with.


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