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Get back to Basics

Get back to Basics

Meditation is the practice of becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It focuses on simply noticing these things as they occur, rather than judging yourself for them or interpreting their meaning. While most people picture meditation as only sitting cross-legged and making the stereotypical humming sound, you can actually meditate at any time - for example, when you’re sitting in traffic, waiting for a meeting to start or getting ready for bed at night.

Here is a sneak preview, 2 of 11 small things you can do to pick yourself up and get back on track after a bad day.

1. Get Outside

A little bit of time in nature may be just what you need to restore the balance in your mind — especially if it’s warm outside. Whether you’re hiking, walking, biking or just sitting outside enjoying a good book, being out in the sunshine will do wonders for your mental health. In addition to fighting depression, getting outside more often can improve your memory, lower your blood pressure and contribute to an improved overall well-being.

2. Make a List

There’s nothing a good list can’t solve, right? Whether you’re making a list of to-dos, goals, frustrations or everything you’re grateful for, it’s sure to lift your spirits a bit and help you address the cause of your bad day. For to-do lists, be sure to draw boxes you can check off once you complete each task — it’s one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Read the full article here. 11 little ways to pick yourself up when you're having 'One Of Those Days' by Kacey Bradley


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