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Penile Pearls, Infection Or Not Infection? That Is The Question!

To all men… and your partners, this is for you.

About 10 to 25% of men globally are affected by a totally normal condition that often causes great distress.

The one thing I keep fighting through my work, silence, usually causes the distress.

The condition goes by the scientific names of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis or Hirsutoid Papillomas or Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalis, but is more commonly known as Pearly Penile Papules or Penile Pearls.

I write about this because I know of men who have driven themselves crazy with worry for years, sometime decades. Once these same men learn that there is nothing wrong with them, usually a huge weight is lifted off of their shoulders.

Some men were affected by the reaction of a previous partner and almost completely withdrew from partnered sex.

Some men thought they contracted a sexual infection (usually genital warts).

Some men, on seeing that their penis was not "normal", thought they were no longer a man.

Some men just had no idea what was happening and feared the worst.

Penile pearls are tiny bumps (pimple like) or filiform, dome-topped protuberances that grow in rows around the coronal ridge or sulcus of the penis, basically the base of the head of the penis. See image below.

It is believed for Penile Pearls to be a normal variation of the human anatomy. As far as we know, they are not related to sexual activity, diet, lifestyle or personal hygiene.

Please hear me out!

Penile Pearls are not dangerous. They are not infectious. They are not a disease.

They can however be emotionally and psychologically distressing because of their appearance and the impact this may have on the man or his partner(s).

There is no known medical reason to require the removal of Penile Pearls. However, some men insist on their removal to alleviate the emotional and psychological distress.


Treatment options vary from surgical to natural remedies. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

NOTE: It is paramount that you seek medical advice from specialists in each of the treatment areas you are considering before making a decision.

CO2 Laser

This option uses a Carbon Dioxide laser beam to vaporise the papules.

Radio Therapy

Similar to the laser treatment, beams are aimed at the papules to remove them. In this case, however, the beams are radiations.

Electro Desiccation

This method applies small electrical currents to the papules to dry them away.


Simply put, a specialist uses a surgical knife to cut the papules away.


This treatment uses liquid nitrogen to create very low temperatures to freeze and remove the papules.


There are various types of creams on the market, many claiming to be completely natural. It is believed that Tea Tree Oil and Castor Oil, when applied regularly over a period of time will also help.

NOTE (again): If you are considering any treatment, please seek advice from medical specialists for the treatment you are considering.

My concerns is for the thousands of men who have Penile Pearls and experience deep, impactful emotional and psychological distress.

There really is nothing wrong with you. Do some research on line and you will see a similar message over and over.

If your partner is concerned, share the same research with them or even better choose to research and learn about it together.

You are a perfect man as you already are, a bit "uneven around the edges", but which man isn't?!?

Thank you for reading my article.

I base all my articles on real case studies and research findings that are relevant to my clients. If would like to read future posts, please join us here.

If you would like help with a similar challenge, you can book a free introductory consultation below and we can explore a way of working together.

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