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At the restaurant with daddy

Exhibit September 2023

A collection of videos organised by year to illustrate the loving and joyful relationship Alis has always shared with her dad.

2023 - Alis 10 yo - After Divorce

August 2023. Sending a good morning video to Patricia while having our breakfast in the mall and having fun. MY

August 2023. Handmade bracelet for Alis from Patricia on day 1 of my trip to Malaysia.

August 2023. Opening the Italian grandma's birthday present. MY

August 2023. Spinning chairs while bonding with Patricia on a day out together. MY

3 July 2023. Discussing holidays: Notice how she tenses up immediately. MY

3 July 2023. Discussing holidays: "There is a reason, except I don't know it." MY

3 July 2023. "I am really happy to respect your choices darling." MY

3 July 2023. "Maybe I can go on holiday with you when I could make my own decisions, maybe when I am like, 20 or something." 1 min 40 sec. MY

17 January 2023, 10th birthdady dinner with Patricia and daddy in a Thai restaurant. UK

Another weekend video call, playing games with daddy. "The fireplace surprise" MY

August 2023. Having fun and playing silly with daddy at the mall after our breakfast. MY

August 2023. Unveiling the "Harry Potter Alis" figurine on my first day of the Malaysia trip in August. MY

August 2023. Rock climbing fun with daddy. MY

August 2023. Playing Mega-Jenga with Patricia and daddy on a day out in Malaysia. MY

3 July 2023. Discussing holidays: "I still want to see you. I don't want to stop seeing you at all." Engaging in a healthier conversation. MY

3 July 2023. Discussing holidays: still a difficult conversation. MY

3 July 2023. Relaxed and playful, playing word games, after a difficult conversation about holidays. MY

3 July 2023. Sudden shift, from discussing holiday to playing. Notice the marked difference between faces. MY

Playing word cames on one of our video call from her home in the UK.

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