Counselling... Why?


In our lives, relationships, careers or businesses we aspire to joy, happiness, strength and health. We dream of fulfilled relationships, successful careers and thriving businesses.

Counselling is our valuable commitment to emotional wellbeing and the desire to lead healthier, stronger and happier lives. It is a self-discovery process that you guide through with a trained professional.

There are some common misconceptions about counselling. Here the most common ones I encounter.


There is often the belief that counselling is only suitable for the disturbed ones. In fact, it is human to be confused about life's choices, to be challenged by relationships and anxious about life or career.


In the same way in which going to the gym provides the opportunity for physical exercise and development, counselling provides exercise and development for our minds and emotions.


“Surely, talking to a friend would do just fine! After all, why would we speak to a total stranger about our private thoughts?"


Counsellor or therapists are the best people to help us. They are trained to listen in an open and non-judgmental way, which, despite their best intentions, our friends seldom afford us. Therapists experience humanity through a wide range of clients, which reminds them – daily – of how normal it is to be unusual and surprising as human beings.


"Why spend money to just ‘talk’ to someone?"


Satisfying and fulfilling lives are strongly linked to a deep knowledge of self. Talking in counselling has the power to reveal insights of our minds that govern our aspirations or behaviours, which seldom we are aware of.


Discovering them makes a significant difference to our lives.

Counselling... Who?


In counselling there is something for everyone. Whatever your age, background, orientation, creed, race or social economic status, you too can benefit from counselling.

Individual Counselling | Oberdan Marianetti | Singapore


A process between an individual and the counsellor to facilitate self-reflection on emotions, thoughts and behaviours.


As a result, the individual moves towards healing and growth.

Couple Counselling | Oberdan Marianetti | Singapore



A process between a couple and the counsellor often focused on enhancing communication patterns and skills.

As a result the couple can co-create the required solutions for balance.

Group Counselling | Oberdan Marianetti | Singapore

A process between the group (or family) members and the counsellor to learn healthier group dynamics and interactions.


As a result the group creates stronger patterns of collaboration and communication.


Counselling... What?

In counselling there is something for everyone. Whatever your age, background, orientation, creed, race or social economic status, you too can benefit from counselling.


Life is full of twists and turns, some planned, some unexpected.

In those moments when everything just feels too much, it can be deeply relieving to share your thoughts, feeling and emotions with a professional.

Finding the vitality you seek, orientating your compass towards the rightful path or feeling strong, healthy and happy in your every day activities is definitely still possible.


We are the best versions of ourselves when we speak our own truths and connect authentically with others.


To build enduring relationships, we first need to accept and love ourselves. Only when we connect with our true selves and Essence®, are we able to make meaningful connections with others.

Rediscover the power and beauty of your relationship so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying connection with your loved one.


Healthy sexuality is an essential component on our path to intimacy and pleasure. It begins with connecting to our true selves to recognise and connect to our needs.

Only then we are able to healthily communicate and negotiate our intimate needs with our partners.

An open and non-judgemental environment to explore your sexuality is essential to address this most sensitive of topics.

Counselling... How?


Counselling is offered with great flexibility to allow you to find the most suitable solution to your current needs. Opening hours are Singapore-based (UTC +8):

  • Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am to 7:15pm

  • Saturday: 9:30am to 6pm

Face to Face Counselling | Oberdan Marianetti | Singapore

Face to face sessions take place primarily at my Singapore office:

63B Temple Street

Singapore 058608

Photos and transport details  AVAILABLE HERE 

Skype Counselling | Oberdan Marianetti | Singapore

I also offer Skype sessions for those clients who live outside Singapore or travel frequently.

Skype ID: live:peroberdan


All sessions last 60 minutes

The content of each session is strictly confidential. It is to be used for the purposes of counselling and in accordance with ethical guidelines of the professional bodies of which I am a member.

More details about the sessions can be found in the FAQ


Session with Dr Oberdan can be booked online or via email.

The Introductory Session is easiest booked online and can be accessed here:


For email bookings and customised requests, please contact Dr Oberdan on:

Counselling... What Next?


If you are still unsure and would like to find out more, book an introductory session today.