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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Singapore

OM Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Singapore

Are you searching for a psychotherapist in Singapore? You may be having difficulties coping with daily life. Maybe you have experienced trauma, medical illness, grief, depression, or anxiety. Dr. OM is a psychotherapist in Singapore with over 15 years of experience helping patients navigate challenging situations.

As a psychotherapist in Singapore, Dr. OM uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to focus on what is currently happening in a patient's life, rather than what led up to it—to develop more effective coping skills. Many therapies help with depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol, and drug abuse, among other mental health and relationship issues.

Dr. OM and his dedicated staff provide various therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy in Singapore. Research studies suggest that CBT can significantly improve one's life. As your psychotherapist in Singapore, Dr. OM works to help you recognize distortions in thinking that create problems. You can gain a better understanding of what motivates your thoughts and behaviors.

This cognitive behavioral therapy in Singapore teaches problem-solving skills to cope with difficult situations. Clients develop a greater sense of confidence. Cognitive behavioral therapy in Singapore is an effort to change behavioral patterns.

Some of the strategies your psychotherapist in Singapore may use include role-playing to help you face your fears. During role-playing, you have an opportunity to learn how to calm your mind and relax your body. Dr. OM collaborates with you to develop a treatment strategy.

CBT emphasizes helping you learn new coping skills through in-session exercises and homework exercises to learn how to gain control of your thought process, problematic emotions, and behaviors.

If you're searching for a psychotherapist in Singapore, contact the caring staff at OM to schedule an appointment.

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