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About Us

Supporting you with care, love and respect.

We believe in the right for everyone to live a fulfilling and satisfying life; a life of balance, in a world where mental and physical health co-exist as complementing therapies and priorities. Mens sana in corpore sano.


Our Story

Dr Oberdan Marianetti opened in Singapore in 2015 to serve the local community on all their relationship and sexuality challenges. The clinic was started by Dr Oberdan – a qualified psychologist and clinical sexologist. Intrigued by the secrets of the mind, Dr Oberdan first qualified as a psychologist 15 years ago and worked both in corporate and private settings to support individuals, couples and groups to rediscover their innate power for productivity, creativity and service. 


Today, the clinic has evolved to offer a broader range of services, eventually establishing itself as a respected, reputable, and trusted place for healing. It has grown to serve a diverse clientele from over 50 countries, who present life challenges ranging from stress, anxiety and depression, to the specialised sexual and relational ones experienced in silence by many.

We welcome clients from any walk of life, and look forward to continue growing as a valuable service provider to our local and international communities.

Our Story

Meet Our Team

The Team

We are hiring!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our story and people, and feel inspired to join our amazing team.

Below are our currently open positions. You can apply directly online. 



Have you ever dreamt of running a successful, full-time, private practice?

If you are based in Singapore, are Singaporean or PR, have a minimum of 5 years consultation experience, and have at least a Master's degree in a related subject, this opportunity is for you!



If you want to build your career in a dynamic and healing work environment, we have the job for you.

We are looking for a PA to provide support in Dr Oberdan's working life and all related daily activities.

Job Description with full details available when you click Apply Online.

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